"Thanks, Jeff for your expert advice with our detection program." Glenn

'' Des spent two sessions with our dog who was aggressive and impossible to walk, he is now very social and an ease to walk, Thank you again'' Monique


K9 Dog Training information to help you learn more

Best quality leather Boxer collars - Interactive dog toys, bite sleeves and covers, comfortable leather leashes.

Durable Cane Corso leather harnesses - Walking dog leashes and collars, decorated dog collars, bite sleeves.

Schutzhund training dog harnesses of the best quality materials - Strong bite tugs and bite sleeves for training, easy walking dog collars.

Safe walking wire dog muzzles for your Pitbull - Walking and training dog harnesses, bite sleeves, reliable leashes.

Easy wearing Siberian Husky harnesses for daily use - Easy wearing wire cage dog muzzles, studded dog collars.